WITS Maternal and Fetal Medicine Centre

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Wits Fetal Medicine Talks 2023

Division of Maternal and Fetal Medicine
University of Witwatersrand
Boardroom Dept of O&G, C H B A H
Chair: Prof E Nicolaou
F E B R U A R Y Screening in pregnancy-First trimester
03 An Overview: Screening in Obstetrics Prof E Nicolaou
10 Measurement of the NT in the era of cfDNA testing Dr P Naidoo
17 High NT with normal Karyotype-what next? Dr S Mose
24 Why not Amniocentesis and microarray for all? Dr C Georgiou
M A R C H Screening in pregnancy-Second and Third Trimesters
3 The Preconception visit Dr N Frank
17 Implementation of 1st trimester screening in a country with limited resources Dr R Nyakoe
24 ULTRASOUND WORKSHOP Sponsored by Mindray & Malaika
31 The role of Second Trimester and Third Trimester Ultrasound Dr Odell
A P R I L Preeclampsia and Fetal Growth Restriction
14 PAPPA-A or PlGF or both in screening for Preeclampsia Dr P Nair
21 Management of Early vs Late IUGR Dr R Mashayamombe
28 Selective vs Universal Aspirin in pregnancy Dr M Nchinyani
M A Y Recurrent Miscarriage
05 Investigations and management of recurrent miscarriage Dr J Lafon
12 Anticoagulation in pregnancy with Thrombophilia: Indications, controversies Prof E Nicolaou
19 Cervical insufficiency and the role of Cerclage Dr B Anane-Fenin
26 Is Progesterone in the First Trimester effective? Dr P Jafta
J U N E Neurosonography
02 Ultrasound diagnosis of borderline ventriculomegaly Dr S Mose
09 The role of the MRI in the diagnosis of CNS abnormalities Dr P Naidoo
23  Diagnosis, management and counselling of complete and partial ACC Dr C Georgiou
30 Abnormalities of the posterior fossa Dr H Mrina
J U L Y Infections in Pregnancy and Multiple pregnancies
7 Chrionicity and Amnionicity dependent outcome Dr P Naidoo
14 ULTRASOUND WORKSHOP Sponsored by SSEM, Samsung
21 CMV: Primary and Non-Primary Infections Dr R Mashayamombe
28 Hepatitis in pregnancy Dr P Jafta
A U G U S T The Fetal Heart
04 Effect of one fetal death on overall outcome Dr G Balie
11 First trimester fetal echocardiography Dr C Georgiou
18 The fetal circulation Dr P Nair
25 The management of a fetus with 22q 11.2 Dr N Frank
S E P T E M B E R The Placenta
01 Epidemiology and terminology, FIGO classification and antenatal diagnosis of PAS Dr S Mose
8 Is routine ultrasound evaluation of the Placenta of any value? Dr N Odell
15 Ultrasound diagnosis of GTD and management Dr A Wise
22 Journal Club Dr J Lafon
29 Teratogen exposure in pregnancy Dr G Balie
O C T O B E R General Obstetric Care
06 V-BAC Dr R Nyakoe
13 Management of Post-partum haemorrhage Dr N Frank
20 Postpartum depression Dr M Nchinyani
N O V E M B E R Obstetric-Maternal Complications
03 Management of Diabetes in pregnancy and Labour Dr P Nair
10 Myasthenia gravis in pregnancy Dr G Balie
17 Blood transfusion and the effects on the Mother Dr R Mashayamombe
24 Renal Disease and pregnancy Dr J Lafon